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S8BT bluetooth headset simple specification

I. product features
1. Adopt the CSR stereo bluetooth chip
2. Adopt Bluetooth V4.1 specification and compatible with other Bluetooth versions
3. Support A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5, HSP1.2, HFP1.6 Profiles
4. Class2 power level, effective transmission distance of more than 10 meters
5. Internal integrated intelligent speech noise reduction technology to reduce echoes and noise
6. A2DP 5 band EQ optimization to provide customers with high-quality music enjoyment
7. Integrated EEPROM, configurable working mode and parameters, stable performance
8. Wide working voltage range (3.4 V ~ 4.2 V), internal integrated 5V intelligent charging management system
9. Connect the phone and call the last group.
10. Internal integrated Chinese and English voice tips to support custom voice prompts (national languages)

2. Specifications
External dimension
Working voltage
3.4 4.2 V
Lithium battery capacity
350 ma
Continuous working time
> 8 h.
Charging time
2 h.
Frequency range
2.402 to 2.480 GHz
Channel spacing
Transmission power
Sampling frequency
The call is 8kHz&16kHz
Modulation method
The loudspeaker diameter
∅ 40
The speaker impedance
16 ohms
Frequency response
20 and 20 KHZ
Microphone specification
Microphone sensitivity
42 db + / - 3 db
Microphone orientation
All point to the

Iii. Interface and function
1. USB charging port
2. AUX external input interface
Red and blue color status indicator light
4. 1-mic microphone input port
5. Volume +/-/ up track function, play/pause function/phone call/hang up function


4. Connection method
1, the first connection: long press headphones play/pause/switch machine about 6 seconds, until the headset alternating red and blue double color lights flashing, said the headset into the pairing code mode, open the bluetooth mobile phone, tablets, or computers, search the bluetooth device matching. The pairing will have a prompt for the match and the blue light will flash a few times.
2. Boot back: after the first pairing of the first time, the next time the machine is switched on, the ear will automatically try to connect with the last paired phone.

5. Operation instructions
The basic function
Operation steps and related instructions
The basic items
Bluetooth name
MFB key, vol- (next song), vol+ (last song)
Blue light, red light
Boot up
The shutdown state will be switched on after about 4 seconds after the MFB key is switched on, then automatically reconnect after the release, and the failure automatically enters the matching mode
To turn it off
Press the MFB button for about 3 seconds and then shutdown
In pairing
1. Press MFB button for about 6 seconds to enter the matching mode immediately. 2. Connected state, manually disconnect the bluetooth from the mobile phone, and automatically enter the matching mode
Automatic shutdown
If the bluetooth is not connected, it will automatically shut down after 10 minutes
Empty the pairing list
Double-click the MFB button in the pairing mode to clear the history of the device, empty the matching list and turn it off again, and immediately enter the pairing mode

At the end of the code redial
Connect to standby state, double - click MFB button to return the phone number
Cancel the dial
Before you dial out the caller, click the MFB button to cancel the dialing
Answer the phone
Press MFB button to answer incoming call
Refuse to answer
The duration of the call will be 1 second on MFB key and reject the caller
Hang up the phone
When the call is complete, click the MFB button or use the phone to end the call
The volume and
In the call, the long press vol+ key, can increase the volume
The volume reduction
In the call, the long press vol- button, can reduce the volume

Suspension of music
Music playback state, click MFB key, can pause music
Play the music
Music pause mode, click MFB button, but continue to play music
The next song
Music playback state, short press vol- button, can switch to the next song
In a song
Music playback state, short press vol+ key, can switch to the last song
The volume and
Music playback state, long press vol+ key, can increase the volume
The volume and
Music playback state, long press vol- button, can reduce the volume

Automatic return connection
The shutdown status is long after the MFB button is switched on and the headset is automatically reconnected to the last connected device
Click the button to reconnect
If there is no bluetooth connection, click the MFB button to connect the last connected device, and the failure can enter the matching mode automatically
From the end of the phone
Disconnect the headphone from the phone end and reconnect the headset from the phone
Back after the range is dropped
When bluetooth is out of work, return to the work area automatically reconnect (if you can't connect, tap the MFB button to connect automatically)

Power supply
Power display
After connecting ios device, the power of bluetooth speaker can be seen on ios device
Low electricity prompt
When the battery is lower than 3.3 V, the red light flashes three times every 1 minute, with a low battery prompt
Low electricity shutdown
Automatic shutdown when the battery is below 3.0V
Plug in the charging line, can charge the device, the red light in charge is always bright, full of electric blue light. Maximum charging current is about 150mA
Power dead
Do not perform the reset action when charging the charging line

Tip event
Prompt note

Tip the bell
Boot up
Dudu (rising)
To turn it off
Dudu (falling)
In pairing
Du drops
Bluetooth connection
Ring tone
Refuse to answer
Drops of du
Answer the phone
Du drops
Terminate the call
At the end of the code redial
Cancel the dial
Beyond effective distance (linkloss)
Empty the pairing list
Du ~ du ~
Low power
There is a low electric ring every other minute

Prompts for an event or state
The LED specification
Events that LED
Boot up
The blue light of the red light is bright for one second
To turn it off
The blue light of the red light is bright for one second
State of the LED
Bluetooth not connected
The blue light flashes once every second
Pairing mode
The blue light flashed alternately
Bluetooth connection
The blue light flashes every three seconds
In the call
The blue light flashes every three seconds
In the electricity
The blue light flashes every three seconds
In the call
The blue light flashes every three seconds
Music playback
The blue light flashes every three seconds
Low battery
The red light flashes three times every 1 minute
In the charging
Normally on a red light
Charging completed
Blue light normally on

Six, electrical parameters
Under typical current for the lithium Battery circuit application reference '= 3.7 V, single speaker impedance is 32, amplifiers, speakers gain medium:

Seven, product pictures