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The manual
S18BT wireless bluetooth technology

Instructions for use
Welcome to the new high fidelity S18BT headset, before you use the S18BT headset,
Please read and follow the instructions carefully. Keep the instructions in a convenient place for future reference.
I. product features
1. Use the Airoha stereo bluetooth chip.
2. Adopt Bluetooth V4.1 specification and compatible with other Bluetooth versions.
3. Support A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5, HSP1.2, HFP1.6 Profiles.
4. Class2 power level, with no interference, no obstacles can reach up to 40 meters.
5. Internal integrated intelligent speech noise reduction technology to reduce echoes and noise.
6. A2DP 5 band EQ optimization to provide users with high-quality music enjoyment.
7. Integrated EEPROM, configurable working mode and parameters, stable performance.
8. Wide working voltage range (3.4 V ~ 4.2 V), internal integration of 5V intelligent charging management
9. The actual wireless connection of the headphone and bluetooth device, the two earphones connected, the left sound channel is the main headphone to connect the phone, and the other one is the wireless audio system of the right channel. When two headphones are not connected, the phone can be connected separately to make a single tone output.
10. Internal integrated Chinese and English voice tips to support custom voice prompts (national languages)
11. The call needs to be smooth and unblocked.

Ii. Product illustrations


1. The function keys of the headset can control the power supply
Close, can answer and hang up call and control sowing
For music, see page 7 for specific operations
Operation instructions.
2. High performance bluetooth external antenna
3. Microphone
4. Portable charging box
5. Charge of the charging box
6. Headset charging contact points
7. USB charging port for the charging box
8. Silicone ear cover
Iii. Interface function
1. MFB multi-function soft button (switch machine, play stop, hang up phone, etc.)
2. Red and blue state indicator light
3. 1-mic microphone input port
4. USB charging port of the charging box
4. Connection method
1, the connection for the first time: at the same time long press two headphones MFB boot, about 6 seconds, until the headset alternating red and blue double color lights flashing, said the headphones into the pairing code mode, after the success of the automatic matching between headphones, such as pairing again hint sound, said headphones into paired with mobile phone mode (blue light flash), open the bluetooth mobile phone, tablets, or computers, search the bluetooth device matching. Paired success will have a prompt for a matching success.
2. Boot back: after the first matching connection, the next time the phone is turned on, the two headsets will automatically connect back to the phone, and then try to connect with the last matched handset after the success.
3. When leaving the factory, the left and right channel headphones have been paired.
5. Operation instructions
The basic function
Operation steps and related instructions
The basic items
Bluetooth name
MFB key
1 blue light, 1 red light
Boot up
Off the long press two headphones MFB about 4 seconds boot, boot after let go between headphones can back to even, headphones come back even after a successful attempt to connect final connection of mobile phones) two headphones when used alone, any open after a headset can automatically back to united.
To turn it off
The boot status is long according to any one earphone MFB key about 4 seconds shutdown
Enter the headset pairing mode
Press the MFB button for about 6 seconds and enter the headset matching mode
Enter the mobile phone pairing mode
If the device fails to connect to the phone at the end of the match, it will automatically enter the phone pairing mode after 20 seconds.
Matching the timeout
After entering the headset pairing mode for 60 seconds, if there is no operation, you will exit the matching mode and enter the unconnected state
Automatic shutdown
If the bluetooth is disconnected for more than 10 minutes, the phone will not be returned
Enter single-machine usage mode
The machine can be switched on by the MFB key of a headset for about 3 seconds. When the headset is not searched to the other side of the headset, the phone can be connected with it, and the headset can be used in stand-alone mode. Long press MFB button 6 seconds into the pairable state, which can be paired with another headset, or paired with the phone.
Cancel the dial
When you dial out the phone, click on the main headphone (left voice) MFB button to cancel the dialing
Answer the phone
When calling, press the main headphone (left voice) MFB button to answer incoming call
Refuse to answer
Call time by the main headphone (left channel) MFB button 2 seconds, reject the caller
Hang up the phone
When the call is complete, click the main headphone (left channel) MFB key to end the call
Suspension of music
Music playback state, click either of the headset MFB key, can pause music
Play the music
Music pauses, and clicking on any of the headset MFB keys can continue to play music
Automatic return connection
Turned off at the same time press two headphones MFB about 4 seconds long boot after let go, double ear machine automatically back to even, between headphones after a successful attempt to connect final connection of mobile phone (such as unable to connect, short press the MFB keys can be automatically connected)
Click the button to reconnect
Bluetooth not connected state, click MFB key, can connect the last connected device, such as the back failure can automatically enter the matching mode
From the end of the phone
Disconnect the headphone from the phone end and reconnect the headset from the phone
Back after the range is dropped
When bluetooth is out of work, return to the work area automatically reconnect (if you can't connect, tap the MFB button to connect automatically)
Power supply
Power display
After connecting ios devices, you can see the power of the bluetooth on the ios device
Low electricity prompt
When the battery is lower than 3.3v, the red light flashes at a red light every 30 seconds and has a low-power prompt
* low power shutdown
1. Automatic shutdown when the battery is lower than 3.0v; 2. Low current state
Charge (current)
The right and left earphones are put in a charging box to charge the device. The red light in the charging station is always bright, and the red light is often extinguished. Charge about 1 hour filled
Whether the charging is reset
It is (itronic: the headset plugs into the charging box to charge, and the reset action will be performed. If it is on, it will be turned off and reset).
6. Use precautions
1. Check the phone (for mobile phone audio) on the bluetooth setting of mobile phone with the native pairing option.
In a state of state, the speakerphone can be free.
2. This product has bluetooth signal anti-jamming design, which can effectively prevent signal interference; However, in the environment of high frequency and electromagnetic fields, the products can still be interfered and should be properly avoided in such environments.
3. Bluetooth is a two-way transmission device, and the transmission distance of different users will be affected.
It is recommended to use the bluetooth playback end which conforms to relevant industry regulations.
4. When the bluetooth is unable to match, please delete the other bluetooth devices in the user list, restart the bluetooth headset, and re-search the bluetooth device pairing.
5. The bluetooth headset is a two-way transmission device and communicates with the user's bluetooth device. When using
When the bluetooth device is abnormal or the signal is unstable, the audio quality of the bluetooth headset changes with the quality of the user's audio source when the battery voltage of the user's bluetooth device is low.
6. If not used for a long time, be sure to charge at least once in a month to prevent any damage caused by excessive consumption of the lithium battery.
7. Do not use the machine in a particularly cold, hot, dusty, humid, high-frequency, or strong magnetic environment.
8. Do not let the machine fall or hit with the hard object when used, otherwise it may cause the machine surface to be abrasion, battery damage or other hardware damage.
9. Avoid operating machinery in a particularly dry environment in case of static electricity.
10. This machine is not waterproof and moisture-proof.