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What's the difference between a thousand and a hundred earphones?


The earphone line is one of the most vulnerable parts of the headset, especially the part of the wire that is connected to the headphone

 jack, which is often damaged by bending back and forth. And generally when you find your headphones

In the case of wire damage, you can choose to discard the headset, but if you have a certain amount of practical ability, you can replace

 the headphones by yourself and replace the old ones with new ones.

Need tools:

Soldering iron

Solder wire

Solder paste

Replacement wire


1. Wire selection

The headphone line is broken and the wire selection is the key. For the average person, the headphones used are usually entry-level

 products, so don't worry too much about using wire

Impact on sound quality. And the headphone line that we repurchased is not necessarily inferior to the original headphone line. And

 the original headphone line is usually hard to buy, because apart from being free

Basically, we can't buy what's called an original headphone cord.

For ordinary people, the high cost performance of the ancient river line is the choice. The ancient river line is the 

wire material produced by Japan ancient river electrician exclusively, both in terms of quality and cost performance

Very good, on taobao can use lower price to buy, but when buy best buy has plug will do a good job of wire, plug welding is very 

exquisite, general users are difficult to make your own.

2. Replacement steps

When repairing damaged earphones, we should first distinguish the positive and negative terminal of the headphone line. The normal yellow line is 

the normal yellow line, which is composed of three strands of wire

The negative pole, the red line is the right sound path, the blue line is the left sound channel, if you really don't know the nature of 

the wire, you can consult the seller when you buy.

Be sure to distinguish between the left and right tracks before fixing

It is recommended to buy the wire that has made the plug, because the welding of the plug is a certain difficulty, and it needs to be fixed by the thermal

 shrinkable tube, ordinary users generally do not have

These tools, so buy the wire that has already made the plug to be able to repair wire damage to our headphones, save a lot of trouble

The headphone plug usually has a heat-shrinkable tube

The shell of the earphone is to be opened first before starting and changing the headphone line. The shell of the earphone is made of glue, so it can be 

directly opened with a little effort. No hair dryer is recommended

Heat is turned on, because most of the earphones are moving coil headphones. The diaphragm is very fragile and the temperature is too high to damage

 the diaphragm. The diaphragm, if damaged, is basically sentenced to death.

It's relatively easy to open a headset shell

When you open the shell of the headset, you first remove the old headphones with a soldering iron. When you select the electric soldering 

iron, you'd better look for a bit of iron with a thin tip, because the solder spot is relatively small.

A great iron is hard to master. And when heating, remember not to be too long, to prevent the headphone unit from burning.

The old cables removed, it can be changed into the new headset line, headphones line through the cavity of the catheter, knot here will best

 headphones line, prevent damage of pulling in everyday use solder joints, and then we

You can rewire the headphone cord to the unit, and it is necessary to remind everyone that you must distinguish between the right and left of the earphone line.