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What is the original picture of a domestic phone without a headset?


Function of machine time once took a standard headphone products, after the proliferation of the smartphone, instead of the standard degree is becoming more and more low, especially the price is lower than 2000 yuan of domestic mobile phone, mostly not in distribution headphones.

This seems like an aberration. After all, for consumers, many scenarios still require the use of headphones: noisy environment calls; Public places, music, public places, video...

So the question is, why are more and more domestic mobile phones, to counter consumer demand, no longer give away headphones?

There must be a reason.

First, companies are profit-seeking. Way of profit of open source and throttling, if take "throttling", that naturally have to control the cost, you don't look at the cost of the headphones is not high, but because the cell phone on "value", and enter the machine after age one thousand yuan, profit margins is low, can compress the cost of a headset, also is pretty good, is a very effective means of cost control.

Second, to "open source", without the headphone, creates an "open source" opportunity. Because the headphone is still the user has the demand, the handset manufacturer does not deliver, that must buy by oneself. It's a better match for the headset and phone, and there are plenty of consumers willing to pay for it.

Since it is a business, it is possible to make a profit. For an enterprise, a product that costs a lot of money but becomes a product that can make a profit, not for it?

And reduce unnecessary product risk. After all, with the development of The Times, more and more users and enthusiasts of sound quality demand is higher and higher, more understand the quality of the headphones and standard, if the distribution of low-cost headset, not only cannot receive the user's recognition, it may cause the user's.

And the headset development became a child product lines, can produce different configuration to cell phones different price products, meet the demand of the user's differentiation, at the same time can improve customer satisfaction, seems to be a win-win choice.

And headphones, in fact, also can be the icing on the cake, after all, when mobile phone products is more and more homogeneity, headphones developed into a new product line, can be done through headphones differentiation, ultimately is a differentiation of the whole mobile phone products.