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Headphone enthusiast, how much did you burn?


Look a the elder brothers, on her way to work with the less known and inferior brand of cheap smell of plug, 

along with the rhythm of rocking, a pair of intoxicated, I long ago, a plug from more than ten dollars in dozens of

 pieces, go out for the first time two seemingly so.

Let's talk about some of the stages of fever. How many degrees do you have now? Is there a high fever with a friend who can't be saved? And all kinds of

 interesting and interesting things.

In this stage, we should put a monotheism in mind: "seventy percent of the enthusiasts go to the pit, and the original intention contains 13 requirements." 

Take me for example, watching the concert and staring at the singer's ears, and then the baidu stage listening is very cool,

Then schulse215 went into the hole and eventually went on the wrong side.

But even if it comes out of 13, depending on the individual's understanding of bigger and life environment, economic ability, aesthetic level and so

 on, the way of implementation is different. The detailed analysis is as follows:

For people who have more money than they can afford, choose popular logo Beast, Monster, Bose or Skullcandy. A little bit of a pursuit of sound, not for 

the use of a scarf, may choose Sony, sensasser, iron triangle, etc. And economic capacity

If the demand is contradictory, choose the low end of the factory or the domestic sample goods, the majority of which is really to listen to the 

sound (not including the KOSS PP of such a kind of conscience plaything).

Above, at least relatively guaranteed quality, but there is a kind of people, and want to install 13, but the subjective and objective conditions are

 tight, such people usually choose psychosexuality various DIY, choose to believe that the few to plot, the second day of second for the evaluation of 

this kind of person I am

Only say, "you are rich."

At this stage, it is best to burn your friends, or "have a high price for a fever", because at most it takes a couple of thousand, but the psychological boost 

that comes with it is far higher than the value of the headset itself. After all, there's no one I have, a headset that's several times more expensive than someone else

Other people's "professional" earphones will have the same amount of self-absorbed state of the beginning.

So this phase of the move is the best, actually you don't put too much money, but for the different experience and psychological hint "superior" more or less

 happiness. But for true enthusiasts, it can only be

A start or start...

Tips: if you just because such as mobile phones original earplugs, break the water dog bit the cat scratched already scrap, such as preparing for bigger or sound quality

 and original compared not how cheap headphones, please pay attention to the following:

(1) try not to touch the low-end model of the so-called "big factory", for example, senhael, SONY, AKG, etc

(2) if you don't want to form the wrong listening habits and unhealthy aesthetic, please don't go for too much bass

(3) although there is a skilled DIYer, there are still more garbage workshops. Don't be petty and cheap

(4) the appearance party wants to know whether the headphones are used for listening or posing, and it is often difficult for fish and bear to have both

(5) there is no need to list a bunch of recommendations for the one-thousand-dollar voice style, except for the fact that it is very similar

(6) for something you don't know, study deeply and don't pay for it unless you really have the money to spend